Use Cases

Use Cases

Some of the use cases are shown below:

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Primary Stroke Centers

Two mid-sized PSCs began using Join to communicate with the closest CSC in the region. As referral centers, they did this to improve communication…

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A Hospital Merger

A small, urban PSC began using Join to improve collaboration among their stroke team. Soon after installation, this hospital was acquired by a larger…

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Integration with AI tools

A large East Coast hospital installed a rapid imaging post-processing tool, hoping to improve care by expanding the treatment window for stroke…

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Two Integrated Delivery Networks and Join

A 15-hospital system recently implemented Join to improve care coordination throughout its network. To date, this system has successfully…

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Medical Research

A rural health system began using Join as a research communication tool to verify the accuracy of JoinTriage assessments in the field.

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Urban Network

An urban network including 15 ambulances and a CSC integrated JoinTriage and Join to improve pre-hospital communication.

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State-wide Partnership

Join just entered a state-wide, state-sponsored partnership consisting of 30 hospitals; three of which are CSCs. This partnership will connect EMS…

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MySOS Complementing Join Usage

A Join client began using MySOS in order to continue collaboration in the post-acute setting. As an ACO, patient outcomes in acute settings directly…

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System-wide Integration

An academic medical center on the west coast implemented Join system-wide. This project spanned across multiple departments and occurred…

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Regional EMS Networks

Since Allm Inc began operating in the United States, hundreds of EMS agencies across the country have adopted JoinTriage as a fast…

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Mobile Stroke Unit

One mobile stroke unit [MSU] in the Midwest and one in the South implemented JoinTriage and Join to assess stroke patients in the field…

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Clinical Research

Reduce time to recruitment by 40% with short read-back times and pre-hospital alert integration…

Some of the use cases are shown below:

Allm Shaping Healthcare

From Japan to the World...

Our solutions have been deployed in about 23 countries around the world. Globally recognized Japanese quality products will keep contributing to the medical field in each region.