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Advances in Stroke

Gisele Sampaio Silva, Lee H. Schwamm: Advances in Stroke, Stroke, 2021, 52(1), 351–355

Thrombectomy for stroke in the public health care system of brazil

Martins SO, Mont’Alverne F, Rebello LC, et al.: Thrombectomy for Stroke in the Public Health Care System of Brazil., N Engl J Med, 2020, 382(24), 2316–26

Review of medical artificial intelligence (AI)

Ishii E, Ebner DK, Kimura S: The advent of medical artificial intelligence: Lessons from the Japanese approach., J Intensive Care, 2020, 8(1), 4–9

Validation of Join in the evaluation and treatment of acute stroke for telemedicine

Treatment options in stroke care

Lima FO, Mont’Alverne FJA, Bandeira D, Nogueira RG.: Pre-hospital Assessment of Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes: Implications for Modeling and Planning Stroke Systems of Care., Front Neurol, 2019, 10, 955

The history of stroke treatment in Japan and the future of stroke treatment

Toyoda K, Inoue M, Koga M.: Small but Steady Steps in Stroke Medicine in Japan, J Am Heart Assoc, 2019, 8(16), e013306

The examination of Join in the treatment of stroke patients

Munich SA, Tan LA, Nogueira DM, Keigher KM, et al.: Mobile Real-time Tracking of Acute Stroke Patients and Instant, Secure Inter-team Communication – the Join App., Neurointervention, 2017, 12(2), 69-76

Review of the smartphone-based triage app Fast-ED (current JoinTriage)

Nogueira RG, Silva GS, Lima FO, et al.: The FAST-ED App: A Smartphone Platform for the Field Triage of Patients With Stroke., Stroke, 2017, 48(5), 1278–1284