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What is Join?

Fast, Patient-Centered Info Exchange Among Clinical Team Members

Join is a communication app-based workflow solution designed for physicians and other medical professionals. By connecting with modalities (ex. CT or MRI), PACS (picture archiving and communication systems), EHRs (electronic health records), and other sources, Join enables medical professionals to exchange medical information to achieve greater diagnostic precision and better patient care.

Join allows you to have a consultation or to share medical information by video or chat messaging, or sending images both inside the hospital and also when a specialized physician is off-site at home, or at another hospital.

Join as a hub

Connect to the Information
Your Team Needs Through Join

Join connects with a variety of sources to give care providers the information they need to make quick, reliable decisions that reduce time to treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Join can integrate with PACS, modalities such as MRI’s and CT’s), EMR Systems, and even EKG and live streaming video (ER,ICU, vital monitors, etc.)

Join is secure, compliant and FDA-approved.

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Features & Benefits

Use Join as a Hub for Medical Systems

Communication, between individuals and groups, text and calls, or audio and video.

You can exchange 1-to-1 or group chat messages, audio messages, do audio calls or telehealth/tele-consult video calls.

See and Exchange Imaging Studies with DICOM Viewer

Specialists can analyze scans on their preferred portable device in addition to desktop.

Scans can be automatically sent to group chats from modalities like MRIs and CTs, or they can be pulled from the PACS through the join app.

We integrate with AI-diagnostic-support vendors so you can also see their post-processed results in the same viewer.

Quick Patient Case Creation

Create a new patient case in a minute or less and share it with the appropriate care team’s group chat.

Team members can go back to update the case as needed.

Track Patient Location for Real-Time Visibility

See how far away the ambulance is with your patient so your clinical team can prepare the necessary resources to hit the ground running at the curbside once the patient arrives.

Register Protocol Timestamps

No need to worry about losing information that was written down on napkins or sticky notes.

Use captured data from along the patient journey to:

Take, Share and See Photos and Videos

Share photos of a patient’s drives license/ID, or a video showing a patient’s condition.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can exchange photos and videos in a way that’s HIPAA compliant.

Share content isn’t downloaded to the device. Rather, it stays available in the Join Cloud.

Admin Portal with Comprehensive Data Analysis

Customize user permission, add or remove users from group chats, and see all the data that’s been collected.

Inform operational performance metrics with clinical workflow data for an individual patient and for sets of patients with various filtering criteria (ex. Date range, etc.).

Create data reports and share with EMR using seamless integration.

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HIPAA Compliant Tele-Medicine

Adapt to the latest standards of patient data security with Join’s HIPAA and ISO27001 compliance for medical grade audio, video and messaging features.

"The Join app solution is an important advance for providing care for acute stroke patients."
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Marc Fisher, MD
Neurologist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
16 %
Faster time-to-treatment
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Join is the hub for healthcare professionals and providers. It simplifies communication and collaboration between clinicians and healthcare providers through its secure and compliant patient information-sharing technology. Join also enables clinicians to view high-resolution CT/MRI images via a DICOM viewer anywhere, reducing the need for them to switch between sites and helping speed up care delivery without sacrificing quality. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A gateway server software is installed on the client environment, taking the qualified images from modalities directly (PACS or VNA), and anonymizes images so no PID (patient identified information) exists. The information is then transferred to the Join cloud on AWS or other cloud partners through a secure VPN connection. DICOM images available on the Join cloud will be securely served to users through streaming rather than direct downloads.

Our team of workflow consultants, software specialists, and IT engineers work with each institution to seamlessly implement Join. Please contact us and request your interest in Join.

Yes. Join can transmit case and timestamp data by integrating with EMRs/EHRs via HL7 and APIs, in addition to making data available in CSV and PDF formats.

Join is HIPAA compliant and FDA approved. No DICOM images are ever stored on devices, and while DICOM images are instantly viewable, they are never downloaded from the cloud. The app follows all security and privacy best practices, including proper encryption and anonymization of data as well as additional layer authentication on top of OS level authentication.

Once Join is installed in a hospital, an administrator (or multiple administrators) within the hospital is appointed to create and manage groups (also called chat rooms) on Join. Groups are usually created to include all members of a care team for a certain condition or department. The administrator can create groups, add members, and delete members.

To minimize the custom integration costs, Join has a built-in integration feature that allows other applications or web links to launch Join application and share messages with minimum configuration efforts. Additionally, we offer other custom integrations such as developing custom web links which are independent with Join through direct programming configurations or through partner system integrators.

Organ Transplant

Case Study - University Hospital Essen

Communicate with the various teams via Join to manage the entire process of organ transplants.

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Kamler
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Achim Koch
Assistant Juri Lubarski
Essen University Hospital

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Use Cases

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Two mid-sized PSCs began using Join to communicate with the closest CSC in the region. As referral centers, they did this to improve communication…

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A Hospital Merger

A small, urban PSC began using Join to improve collaboration among their stroke team. Soon after installation, this hospital was acquired by a larger…

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Integration with AI tools

A large East Coast hospital installed a rapid imaging post-processing tool, hoping to improve care by expanding the treatment window for stroke…

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